Here's a sample from thousands of testimonials we have received about our services from AlphaDetail panel members across the nation.


  • "I think this is an excellent program and I enjoyed participating in the session."
  • "This was fun and informative!"
  • "I really enjoyed this survey!!!"
  • "These are so enjoyable to do. I wish there were more."
  • "Easy to use format and quick response even with my slow internet service."
  • "Convenient. I can participate from home at any time of day."
  • "Great format, very easy to fit into my schedule."
  • "I can study the information presented at my own pace and when I have the time, such as after office hours are completed for the day."
  • "Excellent format. Error-free. Easy to follow. Great job!"
  • "Wonderful support when I emailed a question."
  • "Very user friendly and quick, to the point."
  • "Best interactivity I have seen so far. Well done."
  • "Visuals are excellent. Easy to follow along."
Clinically Relevant
  • "Very relevant to my area of practice and everyday experience"
  • "Succinct to the point, precise clinical information to evaluate"
  • "I enjoyed this challenge and like the idea that the session related to a particular real patient."
  • "Interesting discussion of a patient profile all too commonly seen in clinical practice; the information reviewed has clinical relevance"
  • "Made me think!"
  • "Moves right along, get a chance to figure out what is important in my prescribing habits."
  • "Keep them coming. I feel this is very valuable to keep up to date on events."
  • "This was my first time doing an AlphaSession and I find this approach very informative."
  • "Current needed information. I like to learn especially when I'm not in between patients. Thanks."
  • "Excellent information presented in a way which enhanced learning"