pop 2.0

pop 2.0

A flexible and customizable supplement to ImpactRx’s subscription-based platform promotional effectiveness solutions enables clients to drill down to gain more granular insight into the factors driving physician prescribing behavior.

Research at the Point of Promotion and Prescribing

POP surveys are administered to our ImpactData™ longitudinal panels of primary care and specialty physicians, who use smartphones to answer syndicated surveys throughout the day. Custom POP™ surveys “pop” onto the smartphone screens of selected physicians within minutes of a product detail or prescribing decision. Surveys are triggered by the specific promotion or prescribing events you choose,
such as when physicians:

  • Receive a detail on your product
  • Hear a core detail message
  • See your detail aid
  • Receive a detail on your competitor’s product
  • Initiate therapy with your drug
  • Switch a patient to your drug
  • Titrate the dose of your drug
  • Sample your drug
  • Prescribe your competitor’s drug

This unique research survey tool provides answers to targeted questions while physicians carry out their daily office activities—eliminating recall error completely and providing invaluable information for marketing and sales decision makers. What's more, POP 2.0 gives physicians the ability to voice record their responses, allowing for much richer answers to open-ended questions.

Drill Deeper for Maximum Information

  • POP™ surveys can be used to explore the attitudes and perceptions that drive physician brand choice:
  • Perceptions of the effectiveness of competitive detailing and messaging relative to your messaging efforts
  • Frequency in which various patient support materials are delivered within a detail
  • Understand the frequency and context that competitors mention your drug in discussions with physicians
  • Uncover patient information, such as:
    • Current and prior treatments
    • The date of diagnosis and the pre-existing symptoms experienced
    • Alternate medicines that may have been prescribed had this new agent not been available

Why Choose POP?

  • POP™ surveys are quick. We provide survey results much more quickly than is possible with traditional Internet surveys.

  • POP™ surveys are accurate. Administering surveys immediately after a promotion or treatment event means that data are not degraded by physician recall error.

  • POP™ surveys target specific respondents. Physicians can be grouped by key factors such as detail or message exposure, prescribing patterns, and practice criteria.

  • POP™ surveys can be linked to ImpactRx longitudinal data.Combining the POP™ product suite with the full range of ImpactRx products and metrics empowers you to truly gauge the market.









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