Unique Approach

You can count on getting the best results from AlphaDetail's KOL mapping. We tap directly into the influence networks of your key subscribers. What sets us apart is a rare combination of speed + accuracy.

Our experience and technology allows us to field in a matter of days, not weeks. Our unique, proprietary real-time verification of nominated physicians ensures your data's accuracy.

No other KOL mapper provides this level of assurance.

It also doesn't hurt that our technology and processes are extremely efficient. For you this means flawless execution, delivered on time. We're so sure about our clients' satisfaction that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We've never had a single dissatisfied customer.

unique approach

Primary Research

Trying to stay current with KOLs in any therapeutic area is like trying to measure your pulse while leaping onto a moving freight train. We've mastered the art of leaping onto moving freight trains.

AlphaDetail combines sophisticated back-end technology with a simple, engaging interface. Our intuitive, interactive Flash-based questionnaires draw rave reviews from doctors and patients alike.

Our ability to literally map out the network of influence within your target audience allows you to see specific relationships and to identify not only the top key opinion leaders, but all other persons of influence as well.

We've been bridging the gap between pharmaceutical companies and KOLs since 2001.

Secondary Research

For exceptionally detailed knowledge of KOLs in a particular specialty, our clients depend on our secondary research. We scour the literature to find top authors in each therapeutic area. We then create in-depth profiles for each of these individuals. You just can't get more targeted than that.

Here is a list of the resources we regularly comb when compiling top - KOL lists and profiles.

  • Publication frequency
  • Peer-reviewed journals
  • Non-peer-reviewed journals
  • Books
  • Editorial board participation
  • Major medical meeting activities
  • Award recipients
  • Heads of centers of excellence
  • Review of credentials
  • Medicine
  • Professional associations


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