In-Depth KOL Interviews

When it comes to understanding KOLs, multiple-choice questionnaires won't get you very far. For rich, high-quality information you may need to go beyond a questionnaire. You may need an experienced researcher to get on a flight or pick up the phone.

That's where we come in.

We offer follow-up, qualitative interviews to select KOLs from your database. Our in-depth conversations identify rising stars and determine the best approach to building your relationships.

Deep, personalized, one-on-one interviews allow us to uncover the kinds of details that enable smart, profitable decisions. For example, we can identify a variety of unmet needs to help drive product development.

Interviews are a key tool to help you deepen your relationships with KOLs

Your company isn't the only one that benefits from these interviews. KOLs benefit as well. Your sincere desire for their input is helping them to make a difference.

kol interviews



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