About KOL Mapping

The number of factors influencing physician prescribing decisions continues to grow, including clinical experience, journal articles, CME activity, managed care, detailing, events, journal advertising, patient requests, etc. However, one of the most impactful influences on physicians has remained consistent: national, regional and/or local key opinion leaders (KOL).

AlphaDetail recognizes that accurately identifying key opinion leaders is critical to the success of a brand. From identification of top global KOLs for brands in early development to local influence networks for brands approaching launch, AlphaDetail has developed some of the industry’s best solutions for your brands.

AlphaDetail provides an innovative, on-line channel for understanding and mapping the sophisticated social networks that influence high prescribers in your therapeutic area. Our depth of experience and focus on actionable solutions has made AlphaDetail the industry leader in KOL solutions.

Wanted: Innovators and Early Adoptors
How to Recognize a KOL on the Street
  • They're specialists - not generalists. They know a lot about a particular indication or population..
  • They're confident. You can usually find them out and about. You'll know a genuine KOL because he or she will likely smile and wave.
  • The old "know-like-trust" maxim rings true for KOLs. Their peers hold them in high regard - and for good reason.
  •  Peers come to them time and time again for advice.

Deliverables (What You Get):

  • A user-friendly, web-based database tool to search for KOLs and generate printable reports

  • KOLs identified and ranked based on primary and secondary research.
    • Detailed biographies for top KOLs.

  • In-depth Influence Network Analyses
    • KOLs for specific subsets of nominators (i.e., Rising Stars)
    • Measures of network concentration
    • Second-order effects (weighting of top KOLs, etc.)

  • Secondary Research
    • Publication frequency (by class of journal), citations, editorial board participation, meeting attendance and activities, awards, memberships, etc.
  • Full data easily integrated with existing CRM or SFA systems.



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