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Rishi Varma Rishi Varma - President & Chief Executive Officer
Rishi has over 14 years experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Rishi is an AlphaDetail founder and has led hundreds of marketing research studies – U.S. and global -- for a diverse array of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients. He has experience across a wide array of therapeutic areas, from highly niche specialty areas to broad generalized therapies. He has conducted research with numerous patient, physician and other healthcare provider segments.

Rishi has been instrumental in advancing AlphaDetail’s marketing research analytical techniques. He is an expert in all facets of quantitative research, with significant expertise in conjoint analysis, market assessment, product profile testing, ATU studies, concept testing, segmentation, positioning, and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification. Rishi has also spearheaded proactive initiatives to help support the industry, including a 2009 PBIRG conference presentation on Emerging Markets.

Prior to AlphaDetail, as a senior engagement manager for Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), Rishi helped top tier pharmaceutical companies in strategy development and process design throughout the R&D and marketing value chain. He was also selected by SDG to lead the development of its biotech practice.

Rishi holds a B.S. in industrial engineering and a MS in decision analysis from Stanford University

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Denise Dorning Denise Dorning - Vice President, Professional Services
Denise has over 12 years experience working in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic industries. Denise has been with AlphaDetail since the company’s inception in 2001. As an Vice President of Professional Services, Denise has supervised and led hundreds of marketing research studies for a diverse array of pharmaceutical clients.  Denise’s experience spans the spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotech products, from early stage candidates through mature products nearing the end of their lifecycle.

Denise has extensive experience in a wide range of marketing research methodologies with particular expertise in market assessment, product profile testing, conjoint analysis, ATU studies, concept testing, message testing, segmentation, positioning, and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification.   She has significant experience across the majority of therapeutic areas, with particular emphasis in ophthalmology, infectious disease, oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, metabolic disorders, nephrology, and medical devices.

In addition to domestic U.S.-only studies, Denise has experience conducting research in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  She regularly conducts research with physicians, other healthcare professionals and patients.

Prior to AlphaDetail, Denise was a senior engagement manager at Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), a boutique consulting company, where her work focused on the life sciences industry. While with SDG, Denise advised top pharmaceutical and biotech companies on R&D and commercialization strategy.

Denise holds a B.A. in mathematics and economics from the University of Virginia and an MS in decision analysis from Stanford University

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Daniel Parris - Senior Vice President, Professional Services
Since joining AlphaDetail in 2004, Daniel has been instrumental in driving its growth through his consistent focus on research excellence and customer satisfaction.

As a Senior Vice President of Professional Services, Daniel has helped multiple top-tier pharmaceutical companies in brand strategy and process design throughout the R&D and marketing value chain. He has conducted hundreds of research projects in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, with a particular emphasis on neurological disorders, HIV, growth disorders, oncology, and hospital-based research with physicians and other healthcare providers.

Daniel has significant experience in conducting research across all phases of product lifecycles, from clinical development through brands nearing LOE. He specializes in large sample quantitative studies, with a particular focus on ATU studies, message tracking and product concept testing.

Prior to joining AlphaDetail, Daniel worked in Business Development at LifeScan, a J&J Company. Daniel holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University.

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Pankaj Thapar, MD - Vice President, Professional Services
Pankaj is a physician by training and has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, including roles as physician, consultant and marketing research professional.

Pankaj has been a strong contributor to AlphaDetail’s growth over the past 4 years as Director of Professional Services. Pankaj has consulted closely with clients to use marketing research as a tool to help answer challenging business questions. With his medical and research background, Pankaj brings a unique perspective to all client encounters, helping organizations solve unstructured business issues through quantitative and qualitative market research.

Pankaj has conducted hundreds of quantitative and qualitative studies, and his particular areas of focus are ATU or brand tracking, brand positioning, market segmentation, and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification studies. Pankaj’s main areas of therapeutic expertise include Oncology, Neurology (in particular, MS and Movement Disorders) and growth-related disorders.

Prior to AlphaDetail, Pankaj managed a hospital as its Chief Physician. Pankaj then left to pursue an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and subsequently joined ZS Associates, an international consulting company, where he led projects for several top tier pharmaceutical companies in marketing strategy development and marketing research.

Pankaj received his medical degree from Bombay University and his MBA with a concentration in Marketing and Analytical Consulting from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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Bruce W. Cowgill - Vice President, Professional Services
Bruce is responsible for all aspects of custom marketing research from methodological design through analysis and reporting.  During his 20+ years in the research industry, he has specialized in conducting quantitative marketing research spanning all phases of the product life cycle.  His expertise includes multi-attribute market modeling and simulator development utilizing conjoint and choice analyses, product positioning, perceptual mapping, market segmentation, customer satisfaction, awareness/usage tracking, and advertising and promotion campaign evaluation.

Joining AlphaDetail in 2012 (by way of AlphaDetail/ImpactRx/Paragon mergers), Bruce has focused on healthcare and pharmaceutical research since 1998.  Prior to that, Bruce served in senior account management and senior research management positions for what are now Kantar TNS (Chilton Research) and Harris Interactive (Gordon S. Black Corporation).  Over that period of seven years, he was responsible for account and project management within the consumer packaged goods industry, and directing staff research professionals in the design and administration of research focusing on both the consumer and business-to-business markets.

Bruce earned an M.B.A. from the University of Rochester’s Simon School, with concentrations in marketing and finance. He also earned a B.B.A. in finance from the University of Georgia.

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